Ford’s decision to hire New Factory Workers in Canada















Ford’s decision to hire New Factory Workers in Canada

Ford has expanded the current workforce to 400 in Canada. This is in effort to supplement the 1000 employees that were hired last year at the Oakville plant in the construction of a new Edge crossover to go on sale in spring. The next generation Edge is expected to sell in over 100 countries that will include the Western Europe region for the first time. Further, the other reason for hiring is due to the low gas prices that have increased the demand for sports utility and pickup trucks. Despite the massive spending on expansion, there are cheaper labor rates. Amidst the competition by General Motors, Canada has become an automaker that consolidates the operations in Oshawa. Fiat-Chrysler is also responsible for spending $2 billion for a 14-week overhaul of the Windsor plant. Ford stated that earlier on in February, the company would hire another 1500 workers in the first quarter to meet demand for the pickup tracks. The current Ford case will be important as they will encourage new jobs and investments in the United States car markets.